May - 10 - 2017

United States, Canada or Italy? In which of the listed countries will be the prestigious gold bracelet with diamonds destined to the winner of the Poker World Championship 2010?
The composition of the famous final table of the 2010 WSOP was determined on July 18 in Las Vegas. The starting field of 7,319 players was reduced in eight days of play, up to 9 players. On Day 8 of the competition it began on July 17 with 27 players and ended on July 18, with three times fewer players.

This year, the november nine are a mixture of professionals and players with little experience. Here is a brief presentation of the nine players who will compete for the title of world champion of poker.

1. Jonathan Duhamel (Canada): 55,375,000 chips
PokerStars Pro team player, this 22 year-old Canadian closes the chip leader position.

2. John Dolan (United States): 45,300,000 chips
The US player John Dolan has won two WSOP titles. He is also one of the most experienced players at this final table.

3. Joseph Cheong (United States): 23,700,000 chips
Cheong has 24 years and is a poker player who has already built a reputation Nellambito WSOP. His live tournament winnings exceed $ 500,000.

4. John Racener (United States): 21.1 million
Racener arrived eight cashes during the WSOP.

5. Filippo Candio (Italy): 19,850,000 chips
Candio is the only European final table and in addition, Italian. At 24, Candio has had a payout of $ 3500 at the WSOP.

6. Michael Mizrachi (United States): 16,800,000 chips
Mizrachi, nicknamed The Grinder, has won more than $ 8 million in live tournaments.

7. Soi Nguyen (United States): 9,800,000 chips
This 37 year-old player is the only amateur at this final table.

8. Matthew Jarvis (Canada): 9,625,000 chips
Jarvis is the second Canadian at the final table. For him it will be the first prize at the WSOP.

9. Jason Senti (United States): 8,475,000 chips
Senti is a professional player of Minnesota and has cashed 10 times at the WSOP.

The nine players will gather Nov. 6 in Las Vegas.