May - 10 - 2017

The US player Phil Unabomber Laak set the record for longest poker session, after playing for 125 hours straight at the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas. To enter the Guinness Book of World Records his performance must first be examined by the employees of the famous book that certifies world records.

He has far exceeded the previous record of 78 hours the British player Paul Zimbler, established in 2009. In addition to setting the record for the longest gaming session, Phil managed to finish the session in a positive way, earning $ 6766. Part of his gain, as well as the amounts resulting from prop bets and donations from friends and other players will go to charity to, charitable organization for children with incurable diseases.

The record of the Rules provided a break of five minutes (cumulative) for each hour of play. The record holder took the opportunity to do yoga exercises, take a shower or change clothes.Laak has eaten a meal prepared by his nutritionist every 5 hours.The regulation prohibiting the consumption of coffee or energizing substances.

The enterprise Unabomber took place in the presence of witnesses and was taken to The entire duration and twittata live.